Saturday, 3 September 2016

DVD has CGs cold

It had to happen..D got a cold few days ago..CG got it from him along with fever..try as hard as we could to keep her away from DVD..but he and i now have the cold..bad cough sneezing n throat..
Poor guy i can take warm water etc fir relief..but he is miserable
Not his usual self..

Meanwhile the nanny left early today as she had to go get her kids from her moms place bavk home for flag hoisting
Apparently till tge feast of mothrr Mary they hoist a flag every evening at ome at 6pm and give out sone food..
On the feast day..they give out packets of biryani or pulao etc..
5th is a hol n is also the nannys daughter Shalini n her husnands bdays..CG made a card.. We also gave packets of pressure cooker cake as a gift n a chocolate..its Ganesh so hol

This nornibg D went to essenza n sorted out thibgs there..saw final work etc.
Then we went to gop court met the int lady n asked for measurements in PDF
He then went woth cookie to their head office to sort legal..came back n landlords youngest told us to move up or to new in a month.. So now we have to decide

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